Early Middle College

The St. Joseph County Early Middle College (EMC) Program is a five-year combined high school and community college program designed and delivered through a  collaborative partnership between the St. Joseph County high schools, including Sturgis High School, the St. Joseph County ISD, and Glen Oaks Community College.

EMC offers Sturgis High School students a rigorous opportunity to receive a high school diploma in addition to one of the following:

  • an Associate’s Degree
  • up to two years of transferable credit toward a Bachelor’s Degree
  • an Employability Certificate

The Sturgis High School administration determines if students are academically ready to participate in Early Middle College based on the Michigan Department of Education’s qualifying scores. Students must also meet college course prerequisites listed in the GOCC College Catalog and be in good standing with the district. Enrollment occurs in September of their 11th grade year of high school.